Web development

What is web development and what do you need to learn about it?

Web development is often confused with web designing, which is a whole different thing. Web development is the process of developing the whole website. Web development can also include web designing if offered by the web development company, web development agency, and web developers. Web development agency is about building a website but all the other tasks like management and ensuring better performance of the website are a part of web development. Web development is essential not only to make a website but throughout the way, it is essential for the smooth running of your website

What is web development?

Web development is a wide concept, and a lot of things are part of this whole process. Web development company involves building a website, managing the whole website, and running any repair required for the website. Ensuring that the website is running smoothly and the website’s speed is normal and appropriate for the users are some of the things that are also an important part of web development services. The web developers also provide all the updates that are required later on your website as a part of the web development process. Sometimes this also involves the strategic ranking of your website on the search engines. Some web development companies also provide the opportunity of getting your website search engine optimized by SEO experts.

What more do you need to know about web development?

Web development is the coding and development done by web developers who specialize in different languages known for developing websites. Everything except web designing is part of web development. This will include the coding and writing of that website. Website development services also have different aspects. It involves writing on the pages to create web applications, phone application, and business applications for that website. Things that are part of the web development hierarchy are

  • Client-side code
  • Server-side coding
  • Database technology.

Client-side coding

Client-side coding is the script that runs the website from your computer. The language required in this type of coding is JavaScript, and it is the only language that can do web development with client-side coding. With client-side coding, your computer won’t have a search engine database and Amazon’s product catalogue, and these are the downsides of client-side coding.

Server-side coding

Server-side coding is the method by which the web is developed on a web server. A response customized for each client is produced accordingly to the server. Server-side coding and client-side coding can be used together in website development as well. The downside of server coding is that the clients have to request the server to make changes for the users.

Database technologies

Database technologies are the technology that stores and organizes all the data. All this data is stored for the latter. Users can easily go to the database technology to look at the data stored and organized there.

Different languages used in the web development

These languages are very important to be a web developer. You need to learn all these or most of these languages and then be a successful web developer. Understanding these languages is very important, and if you are interested in web development, then there are a few things you can learn about them. Following are some of the languages that are used in web development.

  • JavaScript is a language used in changing different features of a website., you can change your website icons using JavaScript. You can make alterations using JavaScript: the games, animation, drop-down menus, and other interactive parts of your website.
  • HTML is very important to learn when you are learning to do web development. To create a website’s basic framework, you have to know HTML because it is what is used to create that framework. You can create a whole website with HTML without using any other language. Still, with the help of other languages, you can add life to your website. Without other languages like CSS and JavaScript, your website will be dull with no features. Such websites are not appreciated these days. Changing a very small thing like colour in your website will take a lot of coding using HTML only, and that is why you will need to learn other websites as well.
  • CSS is another one of the languages that are used in web development. CSS is the language that will decide the style of your website. You can create the content and distribute the files all over the website using CSS. CSS can easily make small differences without much coding, and with the help of a small button, you can change the colour of a button.

Types of developers

Since web development is a wider task, there are many things that a single web developer has to do. Still, you can surely specialize in one of the aspects of web development. This is why web developers are divided into different types. Following are those types of web developers.

  • Front-end developers, as the name suggests, will deal with the front end of the website. This includes all the visible parts like the animations, layout, and navigation bar of the website. They also deal with the interactivity and all other visuals of the website. This is everything put together for the display of that website.
  • Back-end developers are the web developers who are in charge of ensuring that the website is running smoothly. They will take care of website management, web hosting, database management, and creating web applications.
  • Full-stack developers are the ones that can do both front-end and back-end development.


So. this was all you needed to know about web development and the type of web developers involved in web development. Find the appropriate web development companies to get a website developed.