Shopping Website

How to Create Shopping Website?

Suppose you are running a business or thinking about creating a business so that you can earn extra money. In that case, you should think about creating a shopping website. Your business will be successful in no time if you build an online store. There were times when the internet was used for the sole purpose of socializing; the circumstances have changed now. People now scour the internet for shopping too.

The previous generation believed in seeing the product firsthand before making a purchase. The present generation uses the internet to research the product before purchasing the product. Your business will not thrive if you do not invest in making an online presence.

If you are thinking of opening a store, you will have to create an online website. This will help you in creating hype before you open a physical store. You will get brand recognition and will acquire a better position in the market. You can create the website by yourself or hire an e-commerce solution to make one for you, but you must create a website if you want your business to thrive.

What is an E-commerce Solution?

The products and services that help businesses conduct their operations online are called e-commerce solutions. Many of these services help design and create websites.

How to Build a Website with the Help of E-commerce Solutions?

There are many steps involved in creating the right website that will garner a lot of traffic and whose template will attract you the best.

1.      Choosing the best E-commerce Solution/Builder

If you choose a website builder to design your website, choose the one that will suit you the most. There are many e-commerce builders available online. Each has its attributes and qualities that separate them from the rest.

An e-commerce builder is an online site or app that lets you design your website. There are different fonts, templates, and designs to choose from. Some builders are great for small stores, while others are best for large online stores. What builder you choose will depend upon the type of store you want to build. Research before selecting an e-commerce website.

Many e-commerce builders allow a free trial. You should avail of those free trials before selecting an e-commerce builder. Try to avail trials for two different services so that you can compare them with each other and select the service that works best for you. Test more than once if you are not satisfied.

2.      Select the Plan that Works Best for Your Online Store

Once you have selected an e-commerce builder, select a plan that will work best for you. Higher the price, the better the service. Select a plan according to your business needs. If you have a small business, invest in a plan that does not require much money. If you need to sell a lot of products, you need to invest in a better plan. Upgrade your plan as the number of products increases.

Set aside a budget to create a shopping website. If you are not sure what plan will work best for you, speak to an advisor. The selection of a plan will also depend on the features you want to be installed on your webpage.

3.      Domain Name Purchase

You will have to purchase a domain name for your website. A good domain name will help you garner more customers. The name should be easy enough that people shouldn’t have difficulty recalling the name when the time comes. Your domain name will have the same effect as the banner you would put on your physical store. There are many services through which you can buy your domain name.

Your domain name should be unique. You can ask your website developer to recommend you a good domain name.

4.      Website Template/Theme

Choosing a great template is crucial to your business. If the template is not attractive or easy to use, it will negatively affect your online shopping store. You want to create a shopping website that will attract customers to your website and persuade them to purchase a product.

What type of template will suit your website? It largely depends upon what type of home page you want or what type of feature should your website have. Your homepage should be charming and attractive as it will work as a shopping window. The navigation through your online store should be easy so the customer will not get confused.

5.      Customize the Template

Customization of the template is important as it will help you make the website your own. Choosing the right font, image size, and video size will largely affect your sales. E-commerce builders have a large number of fonts to use from. You can also use a font that also graces the walls of your physical store. This will help the customer to remember your store. Choose a template that represents your business.

6.      Add Your Products

After all of the steps, add your products to the website now. Choosing a plan is also important in this step, as plans let you add a limited number of products. Choose a plan that lets you add your preferred number of products. Add your product with a name, size, price, image, and product description. Avoid using complex sentences and jargon that a layman cannot understand.

Always use high-quality product images and try to take the picture by yourself. Take a picture from every angle and choose the photo that makes the product look great. You can also hire a professional product photographer to take the photo.

7.      Choose a Payment Method

This is the most crucial part. Although the cash-on-delivery option is great, people want to have as many payment options as they can. Your builder will be able to connect you to the different apps that will help your customers pay. You can even become a partner with a bank.

8.      Shipping Option

Once the payment method is set up, the next step is to set the shipping options. Many builders provide you with shipping options. You should bear in mind where you want to ship, what courier service you want to choose, and how you want to deliver. Different time zones have different taxes. Keep in mind those taxes while shipping.

9.      Publish the Website

Before you publish the website, take a test drive so that you might know any other changes you want to make to the website. Sort out all the things on your website; language, currency, timezone, contact details, and product details.


In this age, every business, whether big or small, needs to create a shopping website. Your shopping website is not just not a place where you will sell your product. It will also be a place where you will communicate with your customers and strengthen your brand name.